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1,000 Annual Red Corn Poppy Flower Seeds

1,000 Annual Red Corn Poppy Flower Seeds


As a wildflower, the common poppy is a great low-maintenance addition to your yard. They require very little water, are not picky about their soil conditions, don’t require pruning, and self-seed readily. Deadheading the spent flowers regularly throughout the blooming period can help extend the bloom, but this is optional.


Choose a bright, sunny location to grow the common poppy and enjoy its gorgeous blooms all summer long.


The common poppy (Papaver rhoeas) is an annual wildflower characterized by striking red blooms. The seeds of the common poppy can lie dormant for up to 80 years, germinating once the soil is disturbed. This led to it being coined as a symbol of remembrance after World War I when flushes of poppies grew in churned up battlefields. The infamous poem In Flanders Fields, written by Canadian volunteer field medic Lt. John McCrae, was inspired by these battlefield poppies.


The blooms of the common poppy typically last from late spring to early summer.


These poppies require almost no maintenance when they are planted in their hardiness zones, and they are great for naturalizing. They also work well in garden beds, cottage gardens, borders, and pollinator gardens.


Botanical Name Papaver rhoeas

Common Name Common poppy, corn poppy, corn rose, field poppy, Flanders poppy, red poppy

Plant Type Annual

Mature Size 28 inches (70 centimeters) tall

Sun Exposure Full, partial

Soil Type Well-drained

Soil pH Neutral to Acidic

Bloom Time Spring, summer

Flower Color Red, yellow, orange, pink, blue, purple, white

Hardiness Zones 1-10, USA

Native Area Europe, Asia, Africa

Toxicity Toxic to pets


Minimum Seed Quantity: 1,000

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