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The Full Story


Even though she lives in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN., the owner of The Egg Plants has a real passion for the "homestead" lifestyle. The first livestock that appeared on the urban homestead were quail. If you know about quail, they are little egg factories, or plants (think power plant). So after a little family brainstorming session, the quail coop was dubbed "The Egg Plant". Over the years, gardens have multiplied and grown, and chickens have been added but the name stuck.

Here at The Egg Plants we have always been passionate about the natural world and believe everyone should have access to clean and healthy food, free from chemicals. We also believe that we should leave this Earth better for those that follow after us.

Organic Garden


Our gardens will never use Pesticides, Insecticides, Neonicotinoids or other chemicals. Products like these have a negative impact on pollinators and make produce less healthy for us to eat. Starting with how the soil is prepared, to how the seeds are harvested and packaged, safe and natural methods working cohesively with the environment are front of mind.

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin


When you order from The Egg Plants, I hope that you take note in the packaging and materials used for the seed packets.  Everything is 100% recycled, reclyclable, and biodegradable. We will always do our absolute best ensuring that The Egg Plants remains an EcoFriendly company. It is extremely important to know that we are doing our part in leaving the Earth better than we found it for the next generation.

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin
Community Garden
Community Garden


Everyone should have access to clean, heathly, and affordable food and green spaces especially in underserved urban areas. The Egg Plants partners with a number of organizations to make this a reality by volunteering time in the community, providing profit donations from the sale of specific items, seed donations, and gardening education.

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